Why the Jews? Understanding and Recognizing Antisemitism

Despite being less than 2.2% of the U.S. population, American Jews are consistently the most targeted religious community in our country, with 87% of them feeling less safe today than in 2022. WHY? What's behind this rise in antisemitism, the oldest, most successful form of hatred that was a major component of the Holocaust? What is antisemitism and how can we tell when something is antisemitic? Is the State of Israel a factor? Through videos, lectures and discussion, students will gain a better awareness of the myths behind the centuries-long history of Jewish hatred that led to the Holocaust but didn't end there. We will discuss legitimate vs illegitimate criticism of Israel and the BDS movement and intersectionality. We will look at some current manifestations of antisemitism across the political spectrum that make American Jews feel less safe today and what we can do to make a difference.


Registration deadline: Jan. 20


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Why the Jews? Understanding and Recognizing Antisemitism01/22/24 - 02/26/24McKimmon CenterClassroom11/16/23 - 01/21/24  REGISTER NOW